Monday, May 16, 2005

What's Bombay music??

Apart the filmy music that is played everywhere in Bombay the real music of is the Nasik Dhol played by the infinite Banjo Party's on streets during Ganpati, Holi, Indian cricket matches, weddings, election campaigns etc .
Everyone will stop, look around if he knows anyone,if no one around he too might join the crowd and shake a leg or two.. marao a few whistles, unleash the wilder side or the tapori in everyone of us.

I love this music and this is one music I can get up and dance without having the feeling am I doing the right thing, coz this cool ekdum Raanti dance is all about being yourself and discovering yourself... this was later discovered by Art of Living :))

Download this really awesome Nasik Dhol music ...... Don't juss listen, unleash yourself :)
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