Friday, May 13, 2005

Life is a gamble.......nahi kya!!

I spoke to someone yesterday who told me what a dodo I was to leave a steady job and get into stock-trading and lose money and become a laughing stock.

Well everyone is entitled to his or her opinion, I live life thoda Hatke... :))

On a serious note...
"One should always pursue your dreams if you don't, they will always come back to haunt you"

I did lose money, but trust me the thrill and excitment of day trading it next only to a Indo-Pak match in the last 5 overs. Besides I have my NCFM certification valid for 5 years and I have rented it to some broker :))
Some of the people whom I find cool are

  • People who are well read.
  • People who are opinionated and will stick to their stand.
  • People who made money legally
  • People who are good with numbers (mathematics, futures, options, lotto's, matka etc)
  • People who did things to prove others wrong
  • People who reply promptly (SMS,email, phone calls)
  • People who have not let failures stop their conquest of life
  • People who respect other people's time.
  • People who have lived on the edge and ends of life and made it reasonably well.
  • People who are crazy, have out of the box ideas and inventions.
  • People who tell good jokes
  • People who think India rocks and Bombay Lives on....
If you fit in any of these list, you are cool for me :))