Friday, October 05, 2007

The Afternoon Saga - Morarka vs Farzana

Here's Farzana's article on the fight between Kamal Morarka the largest shareholder of Afternoon and Farzana (Late Busybee's Wife) the CEO of the publication.
Morarka on the other hand claims Farzana didn't manage the newspaper well, subscriptions are low, not much advertising ad revenue, not much content, Farzana apparently using Afternoon to promote Uppercrust etc etc.
It sad to see such fights in the open, I hope better sense prevails and Afternoon is back on the stands or will Farzana do a Deja Vu like Busybee did from Mid-Day
My earlier post on The Gr8 Busybee
Farzana On Afternoon's Website has this :-

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