Monday, April 09, 2007

Busybee Forever.


Everybody has come place called home This is my home, Bombay. I would not live anywhere else if I was paid five month's salary in a lumpsum
- Busybee

Like all Bombayites I read the Afternoon only for Busybee's article on the last page, after his death I stopped reading Afternoon except on the rareTuesday's when my Dad asked me to get one for the Stock Market Supplement.

What RK Laxman's Common man was to India, Busybee & Mario's Cartoon was to Bombay, He was an icon who truly personified Bombay. His articles were simple,funny and crisp and always a real Bombay feeling to it.

I have a book of his articles since the day he started Afternoon, a must read for every passionate Bombayite.

Its 6 years since he died, Afternoon has a tribute

Busybee lives Forever

Wiki on Busybee