Friday, August 10, 2007



Naseeruddin Shah, Sarika ,Corin Nemec , Parzan, Pearl , Directed by Rahul Dholakia

Based on a true-life incident, about a Parsi couple searching for their son who has been missing since the Gujarat riots.

This movie hurts you, pains you.. makes you wonder if you are living in the 21st Century.. What drives people to do such mayhem and pogrom.
Fundamentalists on both sides Hindus and Moslems kill innocents on both sides, The government plays puppet and no justice is done.. I doubt whether it will ever be done.


Gujarat riots was the first televised riots and hence the memories and images are still fresh in the minds of the people, Bombay and Delhi riots were not televised but mere reported with censorship ... Victims there also are yet to get justice...

At least now people on both sides somewhat realise that they are just mere tiny pawns in the big game played by politicians using each ones imaginary friend.

At times I think The Commies are a zillion times better at least they fight for real issues Labour, Land Reforms, Foreign Policy etc not for some Temple or Rath Yatra.

I pray we celebrate the 60th year of Independence with the hope that every Indian no matter which religion or caste or colour or ethnicity is protected by a Government who doesn't shy away from its Raj Dharma and the Army is given the freedom to protect its people in case the government fails to do it

Having said that, I still believe India is the greatest country and I still have faith in our young democracy and am bullish that it will prevail.

Jai Hind..

Parzania on Wiki

The movie is banned in Gujarat and was never released there.