Monday, August 06, 2007

HawaBaan Harde

HawaBanHarde, originally uploaded by Bombayite.

Have you guys eaten this??

It looks like Rat dropping but its an amazing addictive thing.. a zillion times better than Hajmola or Chatpat :))

I used to eat a lot when I was a kid, managed to get hold of a packet this week at the local chemist.

Great products never advertise.. think Yahoo, think Starbucks, think Google, think Skype... think Hawa Baan :))

Eat one Goli to an amazing chatpata taste..

Caution : Hawaban Harde is the ulimate blasting WMD's to tackle farting gujjus whom come return from Goregaon-Malad to catch seat in Borivli :))