Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Read Mint Khao Mint!!

I've subscribed to Mint... The cool finance newspaper from HT & Wall St Journal ...I prefer Mint over ET  coz its easy to read in the train, is much more smoothly laid out and has good content.
They are currently having a deadly scheme you pay Rs 299 for the whole year.  Which works out to around 25 bucks which is less than half of the newsstand price of 60 bucks (@ 2 bucks per copy)
If you are into the recycling and raddiwallah game you would get  around 10-11 bucks for the 2 kilos
Call the Mint sales guy at 92213 27732 (Sanjay)  for more gyan and subscription.
If you still find it pricey you can always read it at :))