Friday, July 06, 2007

Random Cribs

Gujarat and Kerala in my opinion are the most fuckall governments  in India .. Gujarat because there is no fundamental rights, there is no booze available legally and Kerala coz of the Commies, they have just decided to ban Food malls and Hypermarkets citing people will be jobless.
I do know that Gujarat is India number 1 state in industry and Kerala is god's own country but I still find the governments in these states damn crazy who are making life miserable for the public.
I like the way the Pakistani Army is fcuking the radicals at Lal Masjid, I wish the Indian cops n army learnt a thing or two from them... Only in India do you se bhook hartals and bandhs and lobbying by CM's to save a terrorist who attacked our parliament.
Sensex just kissed 15000 points today, will be see a correction now  or will it touch 1600 this year??, anyone's guess ....
Tomorrow  Borivali-Virar 4 track will finally be a reality after more than 25 years in the making thanks to some fucking jhoppadpatiwalas and the politicians who delayed it. 
Yes I dint vote via SMS for Taj, I would rather buy a Parle G for the doggie in my building
blah blah... yawn......