Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Mumbai is the world’s rudest city

Says Readers Digest

Well I beg to differ, Bombay can be harsh, Bombay can be Violent, Bombay has no time for Emotions and Haanji Haanji Suckup funda.
But Bombay is not rude, people will go out of the way to help people.
People don't say thank you, they smile and do it.

Haven't u learnt Actions speak louder than words.

Have you morons forgot July 26, where every jhoppatiwala to the industrialist came out to help.

Bombay has a heart and doesn't need any certificate from any chutball magazine which collects news and pastes on a text book.
Readers digest can go n fcuk itself, I'm canceling my subscription, I don't need some shady mag which wastes tons of paper sending stupid sweepstakes and Gold coin offers.

Whats your take guys/gals? Is Bombay really Rude No.1

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