Monday, June 19, 2006

The Lungi print is a hit in the US

I always thought the firangs are not shuteyes, but this reinforced the faith in me about me.
The Lungi print is a hit in the US

If this continues Mallus and Madrasi will be wearing flower power Bermudas or G strings the ones you seen in Pondy Movies or strip bars.
Lungi is the only outfit which more cooler than Kelvintor.

Next in line in line the famous Ghat lined Jhangia, which Maharashtrians wear with pride.

We should save the lungi in the interest of South India and Middle East.

On a Tangent Note : Late 60's Shiv Sena had this slogan " Hatao Lungi, Bajao Pungi"..... What happened after the Lungi hatao attempt is for you to guess :))

More Gyan : South Indian Hero's not matter how complicated the action scene his lungi will never fall.