Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Western Line - Train Chaos!!

I'm really fed up with the local trains I want a spaceship to get to office.
Borivali station is being revamped and a new platform(#7) is inaugurated.
This is what is being happening since last week during my travel ordeal between Borivli & Lower Parel.
  • Over ten thousand people are waiting for 8:41 on platform No 3, The announcer announces "Local train platform number 7 pe aayegi... people run helter skelter....Sadist Announcer repeats again Ghadi nirdarit platform pe ayege.. i.e No3... Repeat helter skelter drama.
  • Trains are delayed at least 20-30 mins
  • Hazzar people are back from their vacations and adding to the crowd
  • Fans have stopped working since 1982.
  • Trains stop at usual stops between Kandivali- Borivali, Goregaon (near Charsi adda), Malad Subway, Santa Cruz fatak, Bandra Creek.
  • Everyone is standing on one leg and trying to read Economic times.
  • The anger level is at an all time high and people are bashing up each other for no reason.
After all this struggle you run,brisk walk, cab, bus and reach office  sweating stinking and place yourself in front of the AC.
I have decided to leave early to office and leave late from office rather have a few drinks and travel when the trains are empty.
Its a real sad state of affairs where 5 million people are traveling worse than animals and no one is even writing about them leave solving our problems...
I wonder if it would have helped if the rail commuters were a Lok Sabha Constituency or we were NBA or OBC/Sc/ST/Dalit vote bank!!