Wednesday, May 24, 2006

'Best Home' Contest

sifymax   has announced an exciting "Best Home" contest for residents of Bangalore on 
 To take part in the contest, residents of Bangalore have to simply upload videos and photographs of their homes onto the website. They can also request for their homes to be featured on the website by sending 'contact' as sms to 4545. The Best Home -chosen by votes of visitors to the site will win  furniture  worth 1 lakh. 
I like the idea, junta can cog ideas from others houses and decide what to do and not do with your homes :))
I wish Bombay had competitions for craziest home, most violent home, abusive home, bithcy home, Sexiest Home, Crowded Home... That would make one helluva reality show :).
Talking more about Home, for all kinda home videos go to, Metacafe, Google Video.