Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Weekend report!!

Been lil lazy to blog over the weekend and also courtesy Monday Blues...
Saturday : Went to Westside to get myself a trouser ( I had some points to redeem)
                Went to Peshawar Rest. near Stock Exchange. Place had good sheesha's (Hookah). Had some Kingfisher's & Tandoori Tarkari, decent place but slighty on the higher side. 
Sunday : Busy  setting up electrical points, fizing tables & cleaning my new house. went to Vasai for Dravid's wedding & some beer at Celebrations, Vasai
Monday : 8:49 defeated 8.41 after loosing 9 cricket matches. So everyone was happy in the crowded train. Markets fall by over 400 points. Had some Breezers, Bombil Masala, Prawns curry n steam rice at Soul Curry, Bandra.
Tuesday : Well I just got to office :))