Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Wonder who needs to be taught??

Shiv Sena says ?We?ll teach the Biharis how to live in Mumbai?, I wonder who will teach these guys what real Maharashtrian culture is??

I will never vote for the party which bashed up the BCCI office and our most precious Award the 1983 World Cup.

Mumbai Mirror's story
Shiv Sena says..

A small fight over a bucket of water between Biharis and Marathi speaking student lead to this chaos... Wonder what's in store next The shitting rights on the tracks?? or the Right to pee on Tilak Bridge or the Right to scratch at VT station??

No ones talks about the slums, the crowd in the trains, the fcukall condition of our trains, the BEST buses which don't stop at the stops, the cockroach rickshaws which have infested the city, the dug up roads, the open manholes, people shitting all around the city....

Bombay Dyeing??