Thursday, December 08, 2005

Lower Parel - Foto Darshan

Lower Parel Street
This is the narrow lane which I use everyday to get to my office, its always crowded and traffic jam occurs when 2 cars cross each other.
Tiffin tray (Dabbawalah's Lower Parel)
Its 3pm the relaxed Dabbawalahs are returning the dabbas home.
Clock - Lower Parel Station
Indian Idol Mania has swept Lower Parel station but the railway clock the real Indian Idol, something which we all have learnt to live with. - IST ( Indian Stretchable Time)
local train entering Lower Parel
Local train entering slowly, like Michael Holding... silent devil, no horn no noise, nothing no kuch!!
Local Train at the Station
The Red Monster enters in style!!
Empty Train :))
No excitement, no jumping, no shouting ... Its too early for it (1500 IST)
Can you see boys playing Koiba (lower Parel)
unused railway line is a favorite place for drug addicts, gamblers and Koiba players.