Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Random thoughts - Elections Priya Dutt v/s Madhukar Sarpotdar

Abu Salem gave guns to Sanju Baba.
Sanju Baba got guns to protect his family from Shiv Sena Mobs.
Congress put Sanju Baba in TADA.
Bal Thackeray helps Sanju Baba get out of jail.
Sanju Baba thinks  Bal Thackeray is a father-figure to him.
Sanjay Nirupam is now with Congress.
Madhukar saportdar also got his guns from D, he went to become MP.
Sunil Dutt is a good friend of Thackeray.
Shiv Sainiks are upset at Balasaheb for not targeting Sanjay Dutt now that Abu Salem.
Public love the Dutts, jiska mummy Mother India woh desh Drohi nahi ho sakta....
Bal Thackeray may have radical thoughts but he got MJ to Bombay, built flyovers and the Expressway.
19 November 2005 has another great clash.
Priya Dutt v/s Madhurkar Saportdar  or  India v/s South Africa, Bangalore,
Deciding whom to vote is more confusing than playing Suduko, I think if India is batting second or play badly while it bats first there would be heavy turnout if not Priya Dutt has a great chance to do get a Lal Batti on her car...