Wednesday, November 16, 2005

The Bhaiyas of Bombay!!

Have you ever seen a Bhaiya buying anything at a Chicken/ Mutton shop, Bar or Chinese stall???

There are over 45 lakh UPwallahs and Biharis in Bombay, wonder where they go??

I think Tehelka or Sansani or Red Alert should investigate where do they all go, its kinda surprising as majority are migrant labour, do they have underground malls and dhaba's ...
Sochna Padega ???

Bhaiyas are one of the most hardworking people in Bombay, From morning to mid-night you encounter them in all roop and rangs.... It starts wid your Doodhwala Bhaiya, then the Paperwala, then your Rickshawala, then you Paanwala (cigrettewala), then railway ticket counterwala, then a flood of them in the train then, your office securitywala, the liftman, the Phoolwala in your office, Bhelwala near your office, even the sandwichwala, and then the late night ice-cream malaikulfi wala....

What Dubai is for Mallus, Bambai is for Bhaiyas... They rock :))

You can hate them,despise them,abuse them, love them but cant fcukin ignore them!!

Mucchad Paanwala
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Vivek created this cool site on the Famous Mucchadpanwala