Thursday, September 22, 2005

My version of the Net ....

My blog is hosted at Blogspot.
The publishing system is
My pictures are hosted by
Email with
Microsoft Outlook and GMail.
Browse internet with
I.E 6.0.
Ryze, Orkut & OpenBC for business and friends networking.
Bloglines to read RSS feeds.
View pics on
Irfanview and sort them using Picassa.
MSN, Yahoo, Google Talk and Skype for instant messaging.
moneycontrol and equitymaster to check stock quotes.
Icicidirect to trade on Sensex/Nifty.
E-donkey for P2P transfers.
AVG is my anti virus protection.
My download server is at
Play online games at
Yahoo games and flash games at Miniclip.
Read news at
google news.
Mailing lists at
Winamp to play music.

Mobile Blogging at Mobylog

Encyclopedia at Wikipedia

If there is a laptop which come ready wid all these features, trust me the world will stand in lines overnight to get their hands on them.

Do feel free to post what your coolest Net Apps and utilities are, and lemme know If I've missed out on anything, lets make a cool Internet world.