Thursday, September 22, 2005

FW: I never know what to put here,so may I just say PLEASE??

Now this is a honest spam, Got this mail today. 
I like honest people, will check out his blogs :))  

-----Original Message-----
From: Doug []
Sent: Wednesday, September 21, 2005 8:34 PM
Subject: I never know what to put here,so may I just say PLEASE??

I am very pleased that we are both members of one or more Yahoo groups,as such,this is not spam,but I still offer my apologies!
You may have seen some of my posts to the groups,but if you are like me,you delete 99% of the mail from the group unless you have a particular interest,such as knowing the poster,or the subject grabs you.
I hope that this letter does not find the same fate as most,and that you will read on.
To be brief,I am a recovering drug addict,ex-drug,dealer,ex-con,ex-thief,ex-adulterer and all around nice guy!I live on a very tiny disability cheque,my heath prevents me from working outside of home,yet I will NEVER ask you for money,either I earn it,or I do with out.
For to many reasons to put here,I now divide my time between public service,web site development and my attempts at journalism.
I am asking first of,your forgiveness at sending this to you,and that secondly,you assist me by giving me your honest reviews and opinions about my different sites.
1`)   stories and Bio
2)    passing on some knowledge
3)   a place for your links
4    views on justice system
5)  travel site in development
Please file this and keep returning to it over the next 4-5 days checking out the sites(many have sub domains to explore)(Google Search is also avaiable) and then send a comprehesive report to:
Please include your views on ad placement,site contents and general impressions.
The only reward I can offer you is the Knowledge that you have helped another person,your reward for that comes later.
                                                           God Bless you
                                                                     H.Douglas Forbes
If receiving this email as been so upsetting to you that you wish to never receive mail from this address again,reply to with remove in the subject line

May the Creator smile upon you and Yours
                 Blessed are those who gives from themselves.
                                        Thank you for your time

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