Sunday, May 29, 2005

Saturday Recce

We had an office junta lunch at Delhi Darbar, the food quality has deteriorated big time... though I ate 3.5 rumali rotis, butter chicken and Pahadi Chicken Masala and Dal full tummy but no major taste :))

After office me and my friend Bhatta decided to check out the if the book sellers are back as I wanted to a book "Maximum City". Bad luck... all the bookwallahs from Oval Maidan upto fountain.. barring a few have been evicted, though the media and some local politicians have been little supportive but having spoke to one of the book sellers he said " Matter abhi court mein hai... Aap ko mallum Adalat mein kya chutiyagiri hota aur zindagi nikal jayegi chakkar lagate lagate" .... I hope its not true ...

There are book sellers near Stan Chart Bldg till Khadi Bhavan but they aren't keeping much stock for fear of BMC.

Had a sukha Bhel minus mirchi, Malai wala Nariyal pani after doing the recce.

Since I was a kid I've always been fascinated by the "Kuch bhi Utao Dus Rupiye Mein" stalls.... outside the churchgate subway there is one of them a zillion things from torches to yo-yo's to Chinese batteries to jumbo ball point pens ....... I bought a jumbo red fluorescent Ball point pen .. which looks like some Jedi weapon :)

Also bought a few magazines to kill time on a Sunday from A.H Wheeler at the Station. ....Magazines I bought Outlook Money, Business Today, Business World...

Sunday is another day .....A day I look forward to zzzzzzzzzzz.