Sunday, January 02, 2005

My wishlist for 2005.

1. no more tsunamis, riots, cyclones n earthquakes in the world.
2. Sensex should touch 10000 pts.
3. UPA govt should legalize cricket betting.
4. Bal Thackeray should retire.
5. Prices of flats in Bombay should be affordable.
6. Local trains should have A/C's and everyone should have seats for their bums.
7. People in slums should be housed below flyovers.
8. All movies should be Tax free.
9. Sachin should be incarnated as GOD.
10. Laptops should cost 10k.
11. SMS should be .10p
12. Ugly women like mayawti, sushma,uma, mamta should be banned from politics.
13. Children should be given sex education .
14. India & Pak fought against poverty and population.
15. Dubya eats a pretzel and loses memory.
16. City should be renamed back to Bombay.
17. South Bombay be declared snob zone.
18. Ambani brothers take sanyas.
19. Kingfisher airlines works out cheaper than A/c 3 tier.
20. Firefox has all bugs and plugins fixed.
21. Every politician has a lie detector fixed while he speaks in the Parliament.
22. Our rickshaw drivers be admitted to the Daytona 500 races..
23. The Japanese probe finds out the American lunar mission was a hoax.
24. Farmers in India not commit suicide.
25. Children all over could travel without tickets or visas :)

Please add in the comments wid your wishlist for 2005 :))