Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Bloodbath or Correction!!







After the mayhem of may 17th this was the biggest single day fall of the Sensex...... the Index was down nearly 300 points only to bounce back... some say it was profit booking and correction, some say its da meltdown of the world markets thanks to some comments of Mr Alan Greenspan whom I condiser to be top 3 men in the world after the Pope and Bill Gates :))
I'm over 20k down, but managed to get rid my petty shares like GV films, Kashyap Radiat and Bellary.... would probably exitign more tomorrow if needed...
the amount of Market Cap that has been wiped out is more than enough to feed and cloth and house all the victims of the Tsunami in India.
Anyways tomorow is a another day, another game... hoping for a bullish Thursday.
In the game of Bulls and Bears, lambs have no place!!