Friday, December 17, 2004

Swades - A must dekko



Saw the world premiere yesterday at Fame, Malad....

This movie is the typical Ashutosh Govarikar movie... Its a well made smooth movie except for the extra songs which can be an irritant or the pop corn break as I see it. After wathcing my mind was very confused, I actually don't know what the movie is trying to convey... whether its anti brain drain or calls all Indians to pack up go back to the villages or highlights India's poverty and its problems.... whatever it is.. it does strike you and makes you ponder is India really shining or are we really cool with the IT superpower Gas all keep talking...

I don't know about others but this movie actually made me feel that we really ought to give back to the real India.. the India in her villages and her small towns.

I remember Gandhi saying India wont be really free unless we wipe the tears of the every poor farmer and labourer in this nation, I think the least we can do is support some NGO's or Village initiative to curb the Farmers committing suicides for amounts as low as 3000 Rupees.

I think I know where to go if Bombay lets me down :))

Though te movie is bit lenghty, I would give it 4/5.