Friday, December 17, 2004

Lottery Stocks !!!

This was posted by Ankit Gala on the yahoogroups... Wanna dare investing :):)

Withdrawal of Suspension Notice by BSE

This is with reference to the earlier press release dated December 07,
2004 wherein the decision of the Exchange was communicated to suspend
158 companies w.e.f Tuesday, December 21, 2004 for non-compliance of
Clause 35 and/or Clause 51 of the Listing Agreement.

Subsequent to the aforesaid press release, 55 companies (list
enclosed) have complied with the abovementioned clauses of the Listing
Agreement. Therefore, the Exchange has decided not to suspend the
trading in the equity shares of the 55 companies

you can look their charts most of them have reached there rock bottom
because of news of suspension of them by bse....but they have
fulfilled bse norms and they are now not going to be u
can look at there charts and buy atleast a few scrips.....

i suggest you buy 5 scrips and invest around 500 rs. in each
scrip....that makes it 2500 rs in total.....forget it for few
days...and see the reults......

click on this link....