Wednesday, December 08, 2004

50 Things A Man Should Do

 Found this piece in Man’s World Magazine - April ’04 issue.Its 50 Things a Man should do. Although, most (rather…all) of them can be applicable for women as well. Anyway, here’s the list in no particular order.

1. Climb a Mountain
2. Watch the Apu Trilogy
3. Read the Mahabharata
4. Gamble on a Horse
5. Grow a Plant
6. Give up a Bad Habit
7. Keep a Diary
8. Learn to appreciate a Cigar
9. Buy a Painting
10. Have an Affair
11. Jump 500 feet and bounce back on a bungee cord
12. Hold the hand of someone dying
13. Visit the Himalayas
14. Cook a meal for Friends
15. Visit Venice & Beneras
16. Have a Drink with your Father
17. Own a Dog
18. Do something for the first time
19. Learn the alto sax
20. Make your Will
21. Get your own Barber, Tailor and Doctor
22. Run a Half-Marathon
23. Get an Erotic Massage
24. Watch the Men’s Final at Wimbledon
25. Shoot a round at the Old Course
26. Drive a Ferrari
27. Ride a Super Bike
28. Learn a Martial Art
29. Learn a Foreign Language
30. Go Skinny Dipping
31. Eat at a Great Paris Restaurant
32. Write a Love Poem
33. Jump out of the Sky
34. Build your own Home
35. Develop an appreciation for the Single Malt
36. Follow your passion
37. Trek to the Everest Base Camp
38. See the Southern Cross
39. Leave on your own terms
40. Ride on top of a Train
41. Raft a Male River
42. Learn to make a fortune on the Stock Market
43. Serve in the UN
44. Watch Birth
45. Undertake a Spiritual Journey
46. Stand up and be counted
47. Learn to Salsa
48. Tell your Boss what you really think
49. Have a Threesome
50. Acquire the nickname – ‘God’

I've just done a few of those.. Uhh!