Monday, May 05, 2008

The world this Week!!

  • Raj Thackeray gave the weekly dose to UP wallahs , yawn.....
  • IPL has crossed 30 matches... stil entertaing.
  • Mumbai Indians are winning thanks to Bhajji not playing.
  • No one covered Shiv Sena's Trade and Property Fair for the Marathi Manos, even though it was well promoted and some nice copy writing . 
  • BMC wants 41% tax on property rents, yeah right.
  • Yashraj Films seems to have got it all wrong in 2007-08
  • Property prices seem to have fallen 20%, I wonder where in Bombay
  • Cheerleaders have been replaced by Gay dancers.
  • The horny humping sound in the Vodafone ad that plays between overs has been muted.
  •  The Ramdoss health ministry is doing everything apart from Health
  • Billu is not interested in Yahoo, I wonder if MSFT will pickup Yahoo stock when they fall today.
  • Markets have bounced back nearly 3k since touching 14500.