Friday, May 02, 2008

Things I've not been doing...

My realisation that holidays just fly so fast and the things that we plan during weekdays but never implement on holidays...

Some of the things I've not been doing :-

  • Scanning retro family pics
  • Crossing over to Gorai beach over the ferry ride and eating Tadgolas.
  • Swimming in my building pool.
  • Playing cricket (seal) matches of 55 Bucks and MRI tennis balls
  • Reading the books I've bought.
  • Watching the movies I downloaded on my LAN
  • Sending a 'hello' scrap to my Freinds on Orkut.

Hopefully I can Tick mark some of the them this weekend, till then its back to the usual grind.

I think we should have a collbrative weekend list on the lines of 43things and make the best of the holidays.