Sunday, May 11, 2008

Snapshots from National Park

Inspite of living in Borivli I went to National Park today after more than 10 Years, for Deepthi it was her first visit to the all Famous Sanjay Gandhi National Park.
There weren't too many animals just saw a few Deers, One leopard and many Monkeys... The Lion Safari was bit vague and the official jeep were missing, and our Rickshaw wasnt allowed to enter the Kanheri Caves Region : ( .

But the coolest thing was the Mini Train, the 15 min ride is fun, reminds you of your school picnics and the Peddle Boating, real paisa vasool stuff.
Both @ 15 bucks per person.

The park was clean, but many of the animals were missing so were the food stalls .. the only food available were the Kulfiwalas and the Cucumber vendors.

Maybe next time we can do a group picnic and carry all our food and housie tickets and some booze :)

Some images :-
Welcome to National Park

National Park Map

Monkeys & Tiger @ National Park


From the Mini Train

The Famous TeenMurti

Peddle Boating

Symond's Friend