Monday, March 17, 2008

Random/dumb Thoughts

·         MTV roadies 5.0 is all about  hot mean bitches rather than Bikes and attitude, the only chic (Parbjot) who could ride a bike is voted out while the padded ones are still batting.

·          Will the Commies support China on Tibet ala  1962

·         What happens to the honest farmer who repaid his loan, does he get anything for being a nice guy?

·         Kashmir Singh’s disclosure to the media has screwed the chances of all Indian languishing in  Pakistani jails

·         Gold at 13K , Indian weddings would now need Z plus security.

·         The current problem in Goa is due the fixation for Gori Chamdi, Goa still is the best & safest  place in India.

·         Am trying to figure out Mginger, it says I’ll get paid for receiving SMS ads.

·         BMC’s fine for littering is 200 bucks, Shitting on the road = Zero fine

·         I wish the government- media took pains to understand SSC – HSC student, it’s sad to read many trying to end their life over these exams. All da best to ya all.

·         I put glow signs, My room is now like Nehru Planetarium