Monday, March 03, 2008

Random thoughts and sparks of madness

  • Capital Gains tax at 15%, does it really matter... did we ever pay that ??
  • Bhajji is my man of the Series, he single handed took on the Aussies with the Doosra, Maa ki and Monkeys... Jiyo Bhajji, Khao Bhajji!!
  • Markets are expected to be quiet this year, says Rakesh Jhunjhunwala.. One can surely believe his words, he was the one who said markets will touch 20k when it was 5k .
  • Mhada houses are not bad, Where else will you get a bungalow for 18 lakhs in Bombay.
  • Virgin Mobile is here in India, will mobile users now be called Virgin Users?
  • Can we shoot the fuckers shitting on the streets of Bombay??
  • People have seriously forgotten the art of forwarding  SMS,  sms SUB BOMBAYLIVES to 9901554321 is another option :)
  • Can someone create a portal for comparative shopping between More, Fresh, Spinach, Subhiksha, Spencers, Big Bazaar, Damart, Haiko etc... Lets have the baap of all price wars.
  • Why do Dogs chase cars and rickshaws at night and pee on them during daytime?
  • I have tons of movies on my LAN, No time to watch it.. Do lemme know if you wanna come over and leech the LAN.
  • I'm trying hard to quit Red Meat and Chicken.. I dunno if its the meditation effect or taste buds :)
  • No good movies releasing at all... All Oscar movies seem to be fuckall.
  • Mumbai Barcamp 3 is in Sion on March 8th... Sion seems so faraway..
  • My Childhood friend Visu called after a long time, He is the guy who made a parachute and jumped from a tree...Original piece he is :)

Stay happy and do good... Peace, Bliss and love :))