Thursday, March 27, 2008

Carpool Carpool.... What abt Rickpool?

For the last 10 days there have been infinites articles and placed articles Mumbai Mirror, Hindustan Times, DNA, Mid-Day etc on Car Pool, how much fun Carpooling is, Car Poolers are a happy lot etc etc .

Some paid stories : )

Well, am not against or or the Promotion of these services but what bugs me is that these guys forgot one of the cheapest ideas of pooling… i.e Share-e-Rickshaw…. Not to be confused with Share-e-Punjab.

Rickshaws beat Cars hands down when it comes to VFM and convenience.
• Rickshaws run on CNG which is cheaper and cleaner than Petrol which most cards guzzle.
• Rickshaw have the latest jhankaar music, no car even with the best Kenwood or Bose speakers can beat.
• Rickshaws can go thru Shankar Gully but cars cant.
• You can park Rickshaw anywhere, You might go mad finding a parking place for your car.
• Rickshaws don’t get towed away.
• Cars have A/c… Rickshaws are Aircool.
• You can update yourself on the MNS v/s Bihari/UP war in the Rickshaw and ask questions like Rajdeep Sardesai.
• You are saving India’s FoRex Reserves.

On the flip side :
• Hijras can feel you at every signals
• BEST Buses & Trucks fart emissions in your face
• Every other Rickshaw passengers tries to ogle or try to catch a glimpse of every rickshaw passenger hoping it’s a maal female…
• Bad roads can hurt your balls and abs near Sakinaka, Chincoli Bandar, Powai
Having said that there still remains the cheapest way to travel in Bombay , Take the Railway pass or BEST Bus which promises unlimited travel for less than 500 per month. : )
Btw I travel by Bus, Shared- Rick, Local Train and occasional Car : )