Wednesday, January 16, 2008

2 Mad Movies - The Angrez & Hyderbad Nawabs.

The Angrez & Hyderabad Nawabs are super mad movies in Hybderabadi dialect.

The movies are sheer madness, spontaneous, fullto free usage of gaalis never ever seen on any Bollywood movies, gaalis of the likes of maa-behen and chu used widout timing but wid finesse... yes the movie is slapstick, at times forced humour, NRI accents are fake and fuckall, cleavages are shown at every non critical scene.

You may wonder if this movie is so fuckall then why is such a craze... Well its like Hyderbadi Culture and accent, Every person who hears it falls down laughing.. in true slapstick style..

cut 2 the point... If you have access to Torrent or local VCDwala get the movie and watch it, and yes pls leave you fuckall intellectual and analytics brain somewhere while watching these masterpieces

Mast Ali aka Salim Pheku is the star & show stealer noone in Bollywood comes even remotely close to him :)

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** Warning Spoilers