Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Trauma Log - Fuckal Reliance Wimax

This is the trauma I went tru for 3 months thanks to Reliance Wimax - (Apologies for the lenghty logs as the logs are written in anger & frustration)

aug 8th 2007
Gave application form to Sanjay ( 9821291681), Application number 13000010006729, authorization slip number 160112
was told will get in 10 days (18th Aug 207)
later one week more.. as shortage of wimax devices in Borivli area. (25th Aug 2007)
one month later (10th Sep 2007)
sanjay said he will follow up, and put my matter in high priority
(Mid Sep 2 calls from reliance call center, verifying the booking and address, assurance that connection will be done in a week.
Calls to sanjay continue..
Sanjay gives me number of another person(Sachin 93205 82610, 30685108) , who me number of someone who handles between dahisar and bandra
after call continuously for 2 weeks finally someone comes and fixes the antenna and plugs it to my laptop, but cites base station is having some problem (28th Sept0 .. they will return tmrw
2 engineers come the next day (29th Sept), spend the whole day figuring out and goes back.
next day is Sunday, then Monday, then Gandhi jayanti, No one turns up....I ask sachin to send his person, sachin assures me someone will come. no one comes for the next 3 days.
on the 4th day when I say I don't need the connection some one turns up and the internet connection starts working, for about 2 hours ( 5th October), Since then I have been passed from one line to the another from the Reliance call Center to the Technical support in the call to the Mumbai Suburban aren in charge.
Sanjay called me on 8th saying that there was a problem at Reliance end and many subscribers faced the same problem and the problem was expected to be rectified in an hour.
Reliance Call Center refuse to take my complaint as they haven't yet received the subscriber Id details which was given by the Technician who set up the connection in my house. I have been trying to get some help from the call center in vain for 4 days.
01.45 am 15th nov, 207... net is still not working, the technician dint turn up nor did anyone call.
I have received and paid the bill tough, I don't want to be tortured anymore by these fuckers, I will disconnect the internet connection tomorrow.
unable to contact dhcp server 01.54 am
subscriber Id 369626718870, this is the same subscriber id which the reliance call center doesn't have but the same id did log in for 4 hours on 5th oct and 8th October
I have a simple request, please spare me the agony of the internet connection and kindly refund my subscription amount.
18th October, internet is down once again...
19th October , Sachin is not reachable and no longer works in the area.
20th October , I'm trying to raise a complaint...

net down for three days (8,9,10 nov)
bill received 12 nov 2007.
no net on 13/14th nov 2007
the customer service female refuses to transfer line to the tech dept, citing since I have complained I cant speak to the tech support, they are working on it types.
37.30 call with customer service. problem not yet resolved, they said the field engineer will call me.
15th nov.. no engineer turns up...
spoken to 3 senior supervisors, no respite all same words "we are escalating the same"
The call center guy refuses to transfer line to technical dept.
Am fed up, I am canceling the same.

Now that I've cancelled the same, The customer service lady said that I would still be billed for the month, Balls am gonna give the bill.
The reliance guy called me to collect the modem n cable, I told unless I get the 500 bucks refund I wont give the equipment as there is no guarantee Reliance would honor its commitment. The guy laughed & agree that the Wimax connection is fuckall and he would collect it later once I got my deposit back .
The employees are not at fault for having a such a shady sub standard product but can't help it, money does not grow on trees.
I will try my best to make sure that my friends and loved ones do not have endure the torture of getting a Reliance internet connection ever.