Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Master Juggling by Congress

Running the country with 12 problematic alliance partners
Crude Prices at all time high
India has managed to keep inflation low at below 4 % (even though its a bit flawed as India used WPI for calculation), I think the government has done a decent job in the last 3 years.

Now home loan rates and unemployment rate needs to be tackled before we aim at achieving the much talked about 10% Indian (Hindu for right wingers) rate of growth.

What needs to be seen if the government is serious about 9% & 10% investment in Infrastructure and Eduction, if that achieved many other problems would automatically be solved....

I'm sure our PM with his team of smart guys (montek singh, chidambaram, sam pitroda, jairam ramesh, mani shankar aiyar, murli deora etc ) will have better answers..

Hoping for a better India where Congress and BJP will work in tandem towards the Sensex, its investors and the janta janardhan at large.