Wednesday, October 17, 2007

U have Unlimited Broadband, So Wot!!

Now that one has unlimited super fast Wimax Internet at home what do you do with it to extract maximum vasooli

Some of the things I do :-

  • Downloading Research Reports from Various Brokerages & Finance Sites.
  • Downloading Mobile Content & other Jazz (
  • Playing Games ( & Yahoo Games)
  • Downloading Movies & Clips
  • Editing Wiki (At least trying )
  • Blogging and getting lost in Blogs
  • FaceBook Mania & other trivial things.
  • Ecommerce ( Amazon, PicSquare, ICICI)
Would love to hear if you guys/gals have any cool ideas to do Internet vasooli, drop a line or scribble below.

Mobile Talks, BS Walks!!
Mosh & Save2phone are 2 sites which has user driven mobile content, I admit our site looks a bit patchy compared to Mosh but watch out, we are on stealth mode and the Look Site will be launched soon.
One can also check out Mobile9 for cool Mobile Content.

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