Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Loins of Punjab - Strictly Avoid

What's in common between HT, TOI, Mid-Day, Indian Express, NDTV, IANS, CNN-IBN ??
Each of these guys must have surely taken some moolah or Black Labels for giving a good rating for Lions of Punjab, The movie is atrociously pakao with super sadela gujju jokes which each one of us laughed when we were in 3rd Standard.
The movie is about a silly Desi Idol which is a million times worse than Zee's SaReGaMa Li'il Kids Champ show, Though in the movie Money power fails to prevail but i surely think money power prevailed in promoting and fooling the junta into the Theatre.
Well done Manish Acharya for setting a new benchmark for Shady Movies.
I would give 1/5.
P.s The movie's main star Jameel ( Bokade Events) is a cool guy, I have worked with him at Prithvi Fest in 1997-98