Thursday, October 11, 2007

Bulls, Bears & The Lambs

The markets zoomed from 13500 to 18500 in lil over 2 months and most us just stood, waiting, thinking, analyzing, scratching, digging and wondering WTF happened... Did we miss the Reliance Family Boat

Don't we feel silly about ourselves while the Ambani Bros & Airtel Mittal have managed to pull the biggest and fastest and legal (unless am wrong) wealth generation in the Indian History.

Well I guess its no point cribbing or feeling pity on oneself, there will always be opportunities in the Market.

As say they When the Bulls & Bears are playing the market the Lambs get slaughtered

Also look at the lesser mortals who haven't yet experienced the thrill called Sensex, be proud of yourself for being part of one helluva ride from 2500 to 18000!!

Cutting the gyan short, Since my name is not there in today's TOI, NDTV, ET or Mint top Wealth Gainers, I better rush and board my 8:46 Churchgate local and maybe also buy a few Thursday Super Lotto.