Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Internet Woes

Its been over a month since I applied for the Reliance Broadband connection at home, The only reply I get every time I call them is "Do Din mein ho jayenga", the Do Din saga has now reach more than 42 days... I intend to call n cancel it if it doesn't come in another Do Din.
My local cable internet guy was fine for a while and thanks to the Colony LAN, then Thanks to the monsoon the LAN got screwed up and water started dripping from the LAN throwing my internet connection for a toss for over 2 months before I finally ditched him.
MTNL has great speeds but getting a connection involves infinite babugiri, paperwork and delays.
I wonder why cant some Telco or ISP have a wi-fi hotspots around Bombay.
Meanwhile I'm juss waiting for Do Din for my Reliance Broadband..... 
What I need ?
An unlimited Internet connection with 128/256 kbps, my budget is around 1k , so if any ISP, Telco or any good Samaritan is reading this please redirect them to me .