Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Bali - Malaysia Diary

Me and Deepthi visited Bali and Malaysia last week, sharing some snapshots of Bali and Malaysia.

My Views
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia : Great Place, clean, best airport, VFM shopping, truly multi cultural country.
Do visit China Town, The Nightclubs and yes the Petronas Towers and the big malls.

Bali Indonesia : Superb place, it is the world best Island as they say, great friendly people, if you are from India they are bound to ask are you a Hindu and might even flaunt their swastika chain. Clean endless beaches, total party place, great culture and dances.

Do try paragliding, jetskis and laze on the beach and drink Bintang (Indonesia's ultimate Beer), buy cool Bali Masks and paintings and wood crafts and get a tattoo :)
There are live bands and beach parties at almost all hotel and restaurants, the night life is endless at this happy Hippy place where everyone is a millionaire. (1 USD - 9200 Rupiah)

We camped at
Berjaya Times Square & Hardrock Hotel

You can dekko all the pics at my flickr album ==> Photsets

Travel Gyan :

Wikipedia says:

@ Chinatown

entrapment @ petronas
Petronas @ Night

50 yrs of Independence

Food Stall in KL

Petronas Towers

Downtown KL

souvneir shoppe
souvenir Shoppe

Bali shop-temple

Art Shop
Art Shop

Beatles and me
Beatles and Moi

Bali Dance
Bali Dance

Kuta Beach
Kuta Beach

Bhima Statue