Monday, July 09, 2007

Taxi Woes At Dadar

The most crowded railway station in the world around 1 million of the total 5 million railways passengers who use the Bombay Local trains use this station everyday.

Cut 2 the Problem

Location : Dadar Flower Market, At the end of the flyover.

Hazaar People alight at Dadar to go to Worli, Prabhadevi, Sun Mill, Phoenix Mill, Kamala Mill, Raghuvanshi, Doordarshan, Sumer Kendra, Peninsula.

There are just no fuckin Taxis at the Phool Market, There used to be a Taxi stand which was removed by the Traffic Dept, people have to wait for atleast 20-25 mins and also fight to share the rare cab or call centre car.

There are no BEST buses either on the busy Tulsi Pipe Road.

I really wish the Taxi Union restarts the Taxi Stand and the Traffic Dept allows U turn below the flyover, This will benefit a large part of the million commuters.

Also If the rich companies in the vicinity can start a shuttle service for the benefit of its employees, public and also generate free public CITY :))

I will also write to Mr Quadros of the TAxi Union and also to the Traffic Dept, if need I will go to the high court, supreme court.. well ignore the last 2 places.

As for now I will always take the slow train till Lower Parel and walk to my office in Sun Mill Compound, no shanpatti till taxi problem is solved

Gutters & Roses @ Dadar Phool market

Dadar Station