Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Silly Expose by CNN IBN

No trace, no trail: $1000 sent to New York

I thought its some big time expose of CNN-IBN as they were showing teasers all day long and enticing people to watch the full report at night.

It turned out to be a simple hawala transaction, which CNN IBN shows in a very educated online tutorial manner, Hawala for Dummies types, which will benefit the 2% of the India's population who don't know what hawala is.

It infact gives solid publiCITY for the Hawala Guys, they must be thanking CNN IBN for showing their efficiency... its only time that the Hawala guys get Six Sigma and are invited for Prince Harry's Wedding.

I wish the new editors stop taking the people intelligence and talk to a few people on the street before doing a Sansani Expose.

Though Hawala is illegal and the government loses out on taxes and other income its the best options millions of poor labourers in Gulf and other parts of the world use to send money to their houses.

Yes the shady big guys who do illegal money laundering should be arrested, but when the big guys are the guys whom we vote there is nothing much one can expect.

If the government came out with a cheaper alternative to Hawala or Western Union no one would wanna use Hawala but kya kare.. majboori ka naam Gandhiji!!

WTF is Hawala