Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Mobil eMule - A Downloader's ultimate tool


My Friend Bhatta has just discovered a cool feature on Emule, he was ecstatic the whole evening yesterday on his eureka moment.

read on ...

Hi Satish,
Some findings about eMule P2P client installed in your system and Mobile Interface for the same.
Sometime back i have downloaded eMule p2p client. It has the option to enable WEB and Mobile Interface. So whatever downloads request you have made it will get reflected on web as well as mobile client. You can also initiate a new request again by searching either through mobile or web client and then finally get reflected in your system.
To do this you have to go to Options->Web-Interface->Set password for everything except for Guest login. Apply the settings.
If there is any error while applying, like eMule.tmpl cannot be loaded, then search for emule.tmpl into the eMule application folder "C:\Program Files\eMule". If you find that file, copy it into the "C:\Program Files\eMule\config" folder and then try to apply the settings again. Doing this will enable Web and Mobile interface.
Try to connect any of the server listed. Once you connect you will get the clientid, this client id will be your reference, when connecting through mobile.
Once you launch your emule mobile application, you will be asked for ClientId and Password. The clientid is the id you get while connecting to the server from you eMule client installed in your system and Password is which you have set while enabling Web Interface.
Now you are done. This is cool way to control your downloads while you are on move.

Makes Sense ...If you still haven't got it, Lemme try explaining it in a simple manner....

Imagine you don't have net at home or you have fuckall super slow internet at your house and you wanna download all the MP3, videos, software, pondy but cant do it , Enter Mobil Emule using GPRS on you mobile you can control a pc with high speed internet (preferably office pc with broadband) , you can start, pause and end download while commuting or boozing at your local waterhole.

Happy downloading, share and do the good Karma!!
WTF is Emule --> Read this http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/EMule