Friday, July 20, 2007

Just wondering ??

  • Has anyone invented an X-Ray machine to check the internal structure of Buildings and Houses so that no more Laxmi's Chaya accidents are repeated Where have all the plumbers and Cablewallahs of Bombay disappeared
  • Militants attacked the Amarnath yatra pilgrim this year too.. WTF was the media, when will the bastard terrorists be wiped out
  • 2 bhk flat in Deonar for 1 cr, wtf.. in kachra dabba
  • Why is beer 30 bucks in Goa and 60 bucks in Bombay
  • Why haven't the 7/11 bombers been caught & convicted
  • Isn't Orkut is getting boring now.
    What are you guys upto... are you wondering about anything??
juss leave a scrap or scribble below