Thursday, May 03, 2007

Wanted rats, dead not alive

Cover Story on today's MumbaiMirror
BMC offers Mumbaikars Rs 5 for every rat they kill; there are 9 crore rats, so that’s Rs 45 cr up for grabs.

45 Cr Rupees or 10 Million Dollars is huge booty... I wont be surprised if people start breeding rats in their houses to claim rewards or import rat tails from other states.

The best place for hunt rats is Churchgate Railway Station tracks there are over a zillion rats each the size of cats, I am sure there would be territorial wars between underworld gangs over this Rat Mania..

When I was a kid I heard government giving Black n White TV for catching 1000 rats or something..I wonder if the would restart the scheme with Flat Screen and Plasma Screens :))

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