Saturday, April 14, 2007

Uganda: President's Statement On Mabira Riot

Unlike in the 70's where Idi Amin asked his country to throw the Indians out , this time the government & President is sane and is calling for peace and restoring order.

The current conflict
The mob was protesting at the move by the Sugar Corporation of Uganda Limited (Scoul), part of the Indian-owned Mehta group, to expand its sugar estates by cutting the Mabira rain forest- one of Uganda's last remaining patches of natural forest
The government gave The Mehta group the Mabira Forest despite protests from Ugandans who say that large part of the forest would be cleared off creating an environmental problem.

Most Desis are well off compared to the locals which further fuels the crises, and the inaction of the Indian embassy and government make life for desis really difficult in Uganda.

Some Gyan
About Idi Amin, the earlier president of Uganda who expelled Indians after a dream where God told him to expel desis.