Saturday, April 14, 2007

Melon Aids Rumour

In Qatar, a widely-circulated SMS text message spread panic amongst the population, claiming that over one million melons had been smuggled into the country, injected with the Aids virus, reports The Peninsula
After investigation, the The Ministry of Interior sent out the following statement. "During the past 24 hours there was a circulation of rumour through SMS text messages saying one million melons injected with AIDS virus have been smuggled into Qatar through Al Shamal road. The Ministry of Interior confirms what have been stated in the SMS messages is false and did not come from any official source. We think there is no justification for the circulation of this SMS or cause of worry because of this false rumour", the statement issued to media said. The Ministry also flashed its statement through SMS texts to the immediately available mobile numbers."
Update: According to Judeooscope, a similar text message is spreading through Saudi Arabia ,claiming melons entering the kingdom from Israel are infected with AIDS causes frenzy.

I'm sure this news would make all melon eaters happy now that Summer is here :).