Thursday, April 05, 2007

Bhavik's Atlantic Row - Journey of one Helluva Indian.

My freind Yo's(Harit) friend is rowing across the Atlantic.. SOLO... thought I'd forward his link in the interest of gathering some support!!.. feel free to drop in a message through his website. FYI.. some of his other mad stints include trekking through Siberia, 3000km bicycling through europe, wreck diving, reef diving, sailing... you get the point.
Feel free to cheer him up on free sms thru Iridium or drop him a mail, he is surely doing Indians proud. 
Bhavik's update
One month down.. two to go!

Just in case you weren't aware, just over a month ago (28th Feb, 2007), I finally departed La Restinga after a few aborted attempts, and am now on my way rowing solo to Antigua. I'm about a third of the way across the Atlantic at the moment. To read my latest posts please visit;