Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Things to do from Home.

My friend Veena who just moved to Chennai from Bombay wanted to do something from home on the Internet.  I couldn't think of any thing other than starting a Blog & adding Google Adsense to it ( which may or maybe give you any revenues)  &  Being a Merchant on Ebay, Buy stuff from X place and sell online at a profit.

The Net seems like a cool place to buy/sell/ hedge  for Stocks, Futures, Gambling & Investments but there aint much avenues for someone to sit at home and supplement an income.

In US they have the following categories of work
Data Entry
Document Coding
Virtual Assistants
Legal Transcription
Medical Transcription
Customer Service Reps
Freelance Writers
Online Tutors

I wonder how many of these are there or could be replicated in India?
I will try to  compile a list of things what  Net Savvy Person in India can do from Home apart from the above things ,Also I  would appreciate if you could  give pointers on the same.

Watch this space, shall put the list up soon.