Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Somethings wrong with the World today...

  • US markets are down
  • Housing pricing all over the world except the US are booming.
  • Oil Prices are moving up
  • Iran continues to invite trouble
  • Hugo Chavez trying to revive Socialism that USSR couldn't deliver
  • Hoshni Mubarak & Mugabe continue to rule in the name of democracy
  • GCC economy is booming but their stock markets are at all time lows
  • Many countries are moving from US dollar to Euros & Yuan.
  • UAE invites India to use it as a Gateway.
  • Karachi Stock market gave the highest return in the world.
  • India's rout at the world cup means higher power saving and less load shedding this year.
  • Cricket Betting is still illegal but horse trading is a norm.
  • The Yen- Dollar Bubble continues to scare many.
  • 200 anniversary of abolishment of Slavery but newer forms of slavery in 3rd world countries unnoticed.
  • Dafour continues to become another Rwanda.
  • LTTE gets its own AIrforce.
  • In India Cement prices are frozen but not the Real Estate prices
  • SEZ's and Info Parks cant be setup without killing 50 farmers and 6 days strikes by all political parties and a parliament walkout.
  • Rajnikanth's Shivaji will drive Tam Land crazy next week.

Now the million dollar question is if you had money where would you put your money in this chaos... Or Would you not??

Else you can listen to "Livin' on the Edge" by Aerosmith, Things havent changed much since 1993 when Aersmith tried to tackle world issues :)

Peace . \w/