Wednesday, February 14, 2007

The little groceries of Doha.

Life in Doha can be quite difficult as there aren't many to grocery shops like in India, Faisal's little shop allows us to keep credit and also makes sure that they are delivered quickly by Anna & Hero.

Anna is a righteous delivery guy who refuses to take tips and has been institutionalized in Doha like Shawshank. Hero is a guy who doesn't think Whiskey is Haram and will deliver soda in less than 5 mins whenever called.

As for Faisal he is a guy who was cheated by his own relatives in a business deal a few years and is now running the store, something what he did for over 15-20 years.

The grocery shop is a hangout place to know the latest gossip and happenings in our locality.

I think living in the Gulf would be really impossible without the local Malbari store.


(From left to right) Hero, Anna & Faisal (owner)

Joke :
Q :Marlboro kya hai ?
A : Malbari Cigarette... I know its a bit fcukall :))